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Choose Your Serving

Whether it's improving athletic performance or simply your health, we've got you covered.

We Deliver Your Spirulina
We Deliver Your Spirulina

Our spirulina comes carefully packaged to keep it frozen and maintain it's freshness.

You Feel The Power
You Feel The Power

Spirulina can be enjoyed in smoothies or maybe even try adding to a salad. Check out some recipes on the site.

All Power, No Aftertaste

Our Spirulina is frozen immediately at source. This preserves the highest amount of nutrients possible and prevents bad smells or aftertastes.

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A Healthy Future Begins Now

Supplementing with Pure Foods Fresh spirulina is all you need to boost your daily nutritional intake. It’s so simple! Just pop a frozen punnet of fresh spirulina into your smoothie, juice, salad or sauce. That’s it!

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Super Foods, Made Super Easy

Our subscription service saves you money and is delivered monthly to your door.


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