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Why buy fresh? Fresh Spirulina is the obvious choice in terms of taste, texture and nutrient density. This super food should be part of any healthy diet. Please find below comparatives for fresh vs dry spirulina. This covers taste, texture, smell, storage, nutritional value and impact on the environment. Fresh Spirulina is over 95% Bio-available, unlike powders that can be as little as 2%! Fresh Spirulina is not heat treated nor does it have any chemical preservatives or stabilizers. The heating required to create the dry spirulina/algae significantly undermines the nutritional value of about 40% concentration and a 10% concentration of beta-carotene.

Dry Spirulina can be stored for months at a time leading to further decomposition compared to Fresh spirulina which is delivered within days of harvesting. For example, after 45 days in storage, the dry beta-carotene concentration decreases by 50% percent compared to its original concentration. Because of its live nature, Spirulina is particularly rich in protein and absorbed by the body easily and quickly. Unlike dry powder which can have a very fishy smell, the taste and texture of fresh Spirulina is neutral and creamy. Some, even compare it to Avocado. This creamy flavor fits in well with spreads, salads, sauces, shakes and juices. Dry spirulina has to be processed and therefore the manufacturing has an increase in environmental damage.