Be The Boss of Your Life

November 19, 2018 no comments Teri Categories Latest News

In this blog I want to share a bit about my story, why I am the boss of my life and how I keep up with myself!

It’s been a hectic year, as I’ve totally renovated a house from top to bottom,  putting up with no kitchen for several months and cooking out of a table top oven in my lounge. We have been the source of much gossip in our village and our goings on seem to be the most interesting thing happening, (judging by the rubber necking that goes on). My favourite moment by far was sitting in our blue and white striped garden reclining chairs in our lounge,  as the neighbours looked on in horror. Then a very close second was when we discovered we had earnt the title in our village of ‘the house with the curtains’.  I laughed so hard because we really did deserve this title, after using bed sheets as curtains for the past year with no curtain poles. The third moment was when my electrician rang me at work on the first day of works and anxiously asked if I was prepared for some bad news, I said yes, (but inside was thinking ‘no’)…….before he explained that the plaster had ‘fallen’ off the wall and the fireplace had near enough fallen over. I laughed as I knew it was going to be a tricky build, as the house is old. The electrician said, good your laughing, that’s a good sign, that’s a really good sign.

Laughter, good health and energy get me through most challenges

It’s taken big doses of humour, tolerance and quick thinking to live in the house, maintain our lives and come out the other side, grateful for the experience and the end result. I am now tasked with decorating and it’s a tedious old job that I’m not the biggest fan of.  After spending the day filling, sanding and painting today, it got to midnight and I wanted to catch up with some paperwork. I went to wash up my paint brushes and rollers, which usually takes me forever, (I’m a stickler for clean brushes and rollers), but I stopped myself. I remembered a trick my Dad had used where he wrapped his paint brushes/rollers in an airtight bag, so they could be used to re-coat the paintwork the next day.  I thought I’m going to do that and save myself some time. It brought to mind the importance of optimising our choices in life to make best use of our time and energy.

Make use of all your resources – value your time

Life is so hectic today, there’s so many plates to spin, that effective management of your key resource ‘time’ is essential. It’s the reason I use raw Spirulina daily as a way to fill all gaps in my nutrition (and to keep me powered for longer).

I will be up super early in the morning to get on with another coat of paint, to make sure I make the most of my day. My energy levels and ability to manage several projects are most certainly attributed to my diet and the super-dose of nutrition I get from Raw Spirulina. It’s the results I got from Raw Spirulina that saw me jumping on board with the company to get this product ‘out there’ for everyone to really benefit from.

Just one shot of Spirulina per day is one of the ways that allows me to declare that I am the boss of my life.

Get the food of The Boss here

Let us know how you make the most of your time and energy, we’d love to hear from all you Bosses out there.