A Kickstart Into Living Your Best Life

26 Sep 2018 2 comments Paul

We all know (deep down) what action to take to improve our lives and yet we find our lives so busy and full on that we never quite manage to do it. All around us, we see people who want to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones and yet they are paralysed by a lack of energy, indecision and faulty beliefs about ‘the way life is’.

Some people struggle with a lack of inspiration, they think they have no choices for how to move forward, whilst others have so many choices that they exhaust themselves just thinking about it. But there is a really simple answer for how to kickstart action and it’s to do JUST ONE THING that we know will be of benefit to us. Performing just one thing and doing it every day has a huge impact on our drive to succeed, our energy levels and our ability to move closer to our best life!

That one thing, can be anything that you KNOW is good for you, pick something that’s quick and simple and that you know you can commit to doing every day. This will benefit your life immensely, but you shouldn’t take our word for it….just give it a go.

We’d love to hear about what you decide to do and how it benefits your life, so feel free to send us a message! If you want assistance with what one simple thing you can do, take a look at our suggestions below, you can pick just one of them to jet propel your life, or you can do all of them, just be sure you are realistic with whatever you choose to do! Oh and just as important please make sure that whatever you do, ensure that it becomes part of your daily routine.

Our top suggestions:

  • Write down all your thoughts in a daily journal, ideally upon waking
  • Go for a 5-10 minute walk every day
  • Have a nutrient dense smoothie daily – take a look at our spirulina or moringa recipes
  • Read for 10minutes or listen to an audiobook on a topic that interests you
  • Consume a nutrient dense meal – stir one of our Seakura Cubes into your meals
  • Give yourself permission to reclaim 10 minutes for yourself per day – contact us for ideas on what you can do with your 10 minutes to obtain the most benefit from it.

We really want to know what you find most helpful and how your life improves, so please get in touch and if you have any additional suggestions on simple steps to moving forward then share them with us on our Facebook page…Purefoods.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Keep your Heart Healthy

17 Sep 2018 no comments Paul

…….with the anti-oxidant power of raw spirulina

The health of our heart governs our quality of life and how active we are, now and in the future, so it’s vital we take care of it and keep it in good working order.

The cause of heart disease is the loss of elasticity and the build-up of fatty deposits lining our blood vessels, but the good news is we can take action to prevent it!

A diet high in anti-oxidants from lots of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, particularly fruits like berries and dark green leafy vegetables really help to protect our blood vessel linings, but we can go one step further. Spirulina, when consumed as a raw food, is a powerful source of the anti-oxidant compound phycocyanin which has been shown to exert powerful antioxidant effects.

When we harness the power of eating raw foods including Spirulina, we reduce the damage done over time to our blood vessel linings, keeping our blood vessels flexible and working well enough to supply our heart with the blood flow it needs to keep us active.

Consuming raw spirulina on a regular basis will ensure you are keeping your levels of anti-oxidants topped up, your heart will be happier and healthier for it and you will benefit from a better quality and more active life.

Spirulina has also been shown to reduce cholesterol, more on that in another article!

Self Care – Give yourself the biggest inner hug!

10 Sep 2018 no comments Paul

We all know the importance of self-care, the need to give ourselves what we need to thrive.

It’s not just about taking time to relax, to be creative and to play, it’s also about nourishment. Self-care involves nourishing our heart, soul, and mind, but equally importantly we need to nourish our bodies!

Self-care is an essential part of daily life, without putting our own oxygen mask on first, we are of no use to our work, family or friends. Without ensuring we are functioning optimally we cannot take those strides towards achieving our goals and finding the fulfillment of a life lived fully.

Raw Spirulina, is the ULTIMATE self-care food! What better food to incorporate into your daily self-care practice than the world’s most nutrient dense food in its raw state with its original goodness intact.

Give your body a shot of ultimate nourishment and feel the love from the best inner hug on the planet!


Welcome to Pure foods

07 Jul 2018 no comments Michael

Hi, I’m Michael the owner of pure foods and to start this, our first blog, I wanted to tell you why this company exists and why I believe in our product range so strongly. I’ve always had a love and passion for fresh and exciting new produce. Working for my family’s business allowed me to travel the world to explore exactly that.

After being introduced to many people in the industry, I met a very experienced entrepreneur looking to bring new produce to the UK. He told me that he is the first and only person to grow fresh spirulina, one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world. He added that as it is fresh, it is many times more beneficial than the popular dried spirulina.

I left with the idea that not only could I bring spirulina to the UK, but also a range of fresh produce that ultimately was far superior than dry supplements. Over a year ago now, that’s exactly what I did. Pure Foods Fresh now sells 2 of the most nutritionally fresh (frozen) products in the world with 2 more, Pure Foods Fresh exclusive products on their way.

Welcome to the Pure foods Family.