Boost Your Macros and Micros

December 21, 2020 no comments Paul Categories Latest News

If you’re into health and fitness or are simply interested in how to get healthier, then you’ve probably heard about macro and micro-nutrients.


Macronutrients make up the bigger portion of our nutrition, they’re like the building blocks, made up of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These generally make up the bulk of our daily diet, providing us with the raw materials and energy to keep our bodies ticking along.


Micronutrients make up a much smaller portion of our nutrition, but they are no less important when it comes to our health. They generally consist of vitamins, minerals and other biochemical compounds, like co-factors that interact with enzymes. These make up a tiny fraction of our diet, but they are absolutely essential in maintaining the intricate and complex cellular processes that maintain health.

Balanced Nutrition

Many people focus intensely on their macro’s, making sure they hit the gym with their protein shake at the ready, to help their muscles build and recover more rapidly. But what many people neglect is that macro’s are absolutely useless without the micronutrients. It’s all well and good loading up on proteins, but it can be damaging to the body if they aren’t supported by adequate all round nutrition. 

To achieve improved health or to take our fitness to the next level, we must always aim for balanced and well rounded nutrition. Something that many people take for granted is the bioavailability of the nutrients in the diet. Just because you consume a health promoting supplement or food doesn’t mean you are going to absorb the macro or micronutrients it contains. It all boils down to a few key factors.

So how do these factors affect the bioavailability of our nutrients?

A balanced lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle sees that many areas necessary for our wellbeing are taken care of. From good quality balanced wholefood nutrition and supportive social connections to balancing stress levels and work-life balance. If we are not meeting our basic needs adequately this can lead to excessive levels of stress. Chronic high stress can divert blood supply away from the gut, towards the muscles and the brain as part of the fight or flight response. It can also lead to chronic elevation of the stress hormone cortisol, which reduces the capacity to regenerate our gut lining and other cells with a rapid turnover. Living a balanced lifestyle overall is essential for maintaining optimal nutrient absorption.

How well our gut functions

If our gut is performing below par, then many of our digestive functions won’t work properly. A sluggish gut can lead to dehydrated stools that reduce the bioavailability of nutrients, whereas an overly fast gut can expel nutrients without them having the opportunity to be absorbed. Many factors affect the overall function of our gut, such as consumption of too much caffeine, or ingesting too many fatty or difficult to digest proteins. (Please note that you should always check with a healthcare provider if you are experiencing any digestive difficulties/symptoms).

The health of our microbiome

The gut is home to a mini-ecosystem known as the microbiome. This system of living invisible organisms work hard to help break down food,produce compounds that render nutrients more bioavailable as well as active certain nutrients. Without a healthy gut microbiome, we cannot digest food effectively.

The quality of our nutrition

All foods are not equal. Some foods are much higher in nutrition than others. Heavily processed foods or foods that are grown without adequate minerals in the soil will not provide the same quality as wholefoods grown in nutrient-rich soil.

How we prepare our food

Not all food preparation methods are good for us. Frying, deep fat frying, or roasting our foods can damage the nutrients in our food as well as produce health-damaging acrylamides and other toxic compounds. According to ‘The Worlds Healthiest Foods’ organisation, different foods require different processing to release maximal amounts of nutrients. From steaming broccoli until it turns a brilliant green, to gently sauteeing mushrooms until they soften, there is an art and a science to unlocking maximal nutrient availability from our food!

At Pure Foods Fresh we have done a lot of research into the most nutrient dense foods and how to unlock their goodness. That’s the reason we started a business supplying raw, unprocessed spirulina.

Spirulina is one of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods, hailed by the UN in 1974 as the food of the future and supported by the world health organisation. Rich in protein, gamma-linoleic acid, iron, and numerous other micronutrients, it fills many human nutritional needs. It is currently being rolled out globally to help counter malnutrition.

The beauty of our raw product is that it’s highly bioavailable, requiring no preparation and very little digestion, this is due to the composition of Spirulina. It has very thin cell walls that release the inner nutrients without requiring any complex digestive processes or preparation.

It is very difficult in today’s world to ensure we are consuming and absorbing all the necessary macro and micro-nutrients. Consuming our highly bioavailable and nutrient-dense Spirulina is one way to top up your nutrition, improve your health and fitness, and achieve a balanced and well-rounded diet.