Frequently Asked Questions

  • Spirulina and moringa should be stored in the freezer, recommended between -19 and -21 degrees Celsius.

  • Our spirulina is specially grown in microbial resistant lined pools with filtered drinking water. This reason means we cannot class this product as organic but can state it is the most nutritionally dense bacteria and preservative free product in the world.

  • Our products are flash frozen minutes after harvesting to lock in the nutritional properties and protect it from degradation.

  • Dried products contain significantly fewer nutrients than fresh produce. To keep our produce FRESH, we need to flash freeze it to lock in the nutrients.

  • We understand that to ship this incredible produce to our fantastic customers, we require it to be packed correctly. Unfortunately, this requires the use of polystyrene and plastics. Our aim is to distribute the world’s most powerful natural food whilst also being zero emissions. We can reuse all the courier packaging again on your next order. lf you want to help Pure Foods achieve its goal and furthermore, protect the environment, you can return your packaging to; Nurtured in Norfolk, Hillside Nurseries, 157 Shipdham Rd, Dereham NR19 INP

  • As our product is shipped frozen we can only offer our free delivery service for certain regions of the UK. Therefore shipping to Northern Ireland and Northern Scotland is not free and will be charged to the buyer.

  • We process and pack our orders weekly on a Sunday. If you order midweek we will pick this up in the next Sunday batch.

  • Our courier collects orders on a Tuesday and we utilise a 24-hour service. Packages will arrive with you on a Wednesday / Thursday.

  • We only process orders once per week however we may be able to accommodate some alternative days and times. Please drop a note on your order or get in touch to discuss.

  • We do not recommend adding spirulina to hot foods because it can affect the product in such a way to deform the proteins, making the product less nutrient dense.

  • Yes, short-term (up to 30 minutes) spirulina/moringa is not affected by the alkaline levels of juices. We do not recommend that the product is stored in this manner for any prolonged amount of time, however. It should be mixed from frozen.

  • No, we recommend that to get the most nutrients from the product it should be blended straight from the freezer into a smoothie.

  • We have carefully studied fresh spirulina and per nutritional value, 20g per day gives you the optimum boost. To help you, we've weighed each individual punnet so you don't have too! no mess, just take you spirulina straight from the freezer and pop it out of the punnet into a blender.

  • We recommend that you seek medical advice before consuming our products if you are pregnant or suffer from underlying ailments.

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