Happy World Vegan Day

November 1, 2018 one comment Teri Categories Latest News, Uncategorized

Let’s celebrate with the oldest known sea vegetable…..


Every year on the 1st of November, people that have adopted a vegan lifestyle celebrate World Vegan Day and share their passion with fellow vegans, or those whom are just curious about making the leap.

It offers vegans the opportunity to celebrate and share their fulfilment in finding a lifestyle that feels great to them. People choose veganism for a whole number of reasons, namely that it’s better for the planet to eat more vegetables and less meat, it reduces unnecessary cruelty and suffering and there also appear to be health benefits, if the right nutrient intake is maintained.

At pure foods fresh, we have been on our own journey to discover how we can do our bit to help the planet maintain food supplies without destroying the environment. Our mission is to ensure people have access to the most nutrient dense and sustainably grown food on the planet in its raw and unprocessed form…..Spirulina.

The super thing about our Spirulina when it comes to supporting vegans is that is made from 70% protein and is a complete protein source, (it contains all the essential amino acids). It is also rich in iron, to support building healthy blood cells.

What’s even more fabulous about our raw unprocessed Spirulina is that it is over 95% bioavailable and requires very little digestion due to it’s very delicate cell wall

We are super excited to be supporting people in the UK and Europe to maintain great health through great nutrition and even more excited that we can do it in a way that supports the environment and all dietary choices.

Order your Spirulina here and make sure you are getting all the protein and nutrients you need in one convenient daily shot of the worlds oldest and most nutrient dense food.