I will feel happier/much better when………

October 3, 2018 no comments Paul Categories Latest News

Do you catch yourself saying this?

Take 5 minutes to ask yourself if you believe that your life will get better when certain things happen, can you give examples of this story playing out in your life.

If you can, write down what you come up with, I have written some examples below

  • I tell myself that I will feel more confident when I lose weight
  • I tell myself that I will be much happier when I reduce my hours at work
  • I tell myself that I will feel better when I have this knee operation
  • I tell myself I will feel so much happier when I find a loving partner

Now it’s fantastic to have goals and to set intentions in life, in fact, it’s ESSENTIAL. But if you find yourself telling these stories about your life being so much better when……then you are lying to yourself and you won’t find anything but a fleeting hit of dopamine and an all too brief momentary glimpse of happiness IF they actually ever happen.

This story playing out is destructive in our lives, even more so if there are numerous stories. The reason these stories are destructive is that they give us the perfect excuse to drop out of life, to not take action and to just wait it out until they eventually happen, (if we are lucky). In telling ourselves that we cannot be happy until we achieve our unmet and often poorly considered expectations, we miss the true happiness and fulfillment that is available to us ALL OF THE TIME.

There is another way we can set goals and intentions that lead to a far more empowered and proactive approach to life. This approach involves us beginning to think for ourselves, it involves asking and then answering our own questions and TAKING ACTION NOW.

In truth, I can no more tell you how to find happiness in life than any other person on the street, because you have to find this out for yourself. But I can offer you some signposts….

A life of fulfillment comes from making progress in building a life that supports learning about our self, developing self-knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. As such we can set intentions that support us in achieving this.

I am going to repeat that sentence because it is my life’s learning so far condensed into one sentence for you and I really want you to think critically about it.

‘Fulfilment comes from making progress in building a life that supports learning about our own self, developing self-knowledge, understanding, and wisdom’

A great way to re-write your intentions is to erase the sentence’ I will be happy when….’  and replace with ‘I am fulfilled through building a life that supports self-knowledge, understanding, and wisdom’

Then set your new goals that are in support of this, it may be eating well, drinking more water, doing more exercise, tidying your house, re-training in a new career, making more friends, or building a stronger business network. You know what will push you into learning more about yourself, what new experiences will take you into the unknown? What learning opportunities are available to you and what will call forth aspects of you that you haven’t had a chance to see working yet?

My first step to realising total fulfillment was to change my diet to one that created a strong and robust body, that I can rely on to support me in building a life geared towards continual learning, understanding, and wisdom.

Improving and maintaining our wellbeing supports us in all our endeavors, building a life with this as a foundation will always give us the best platform to learn the most fulfilling of life’s lessons…who we are and what we ‘do’.

So start now, right away! bin the useless beliefs that say ‘I will be happy when….’ and replace them with an intention that recognises that you can be immediately fulfilled.  Build the life that culminates in you being all that you have discovered you are, doing all that only you can do!

Get the worlds most nutrient dense food to optimise your wellbeing…..raw Spirulina …..ORDER HERE. It’s what I use daily to support me living the most kick-ass, deeply fulfilling life but please don’t take it because I said so….ask yourself if it’s a useful way to build your best life because you really do hold all the answers you need.

We can’t wait to see how people transform their lives with clear intentions, their own clear thinking and the addition of nutrient-dense foods.

Go create a fulfilling life RIGHT NOW…..TAKE ACTION….


Let us know how you get on! If you need any assistance, signposts or suggestions, then please do let us know, we’d love to hear from you.