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Double the Fresh Spirulina – enough for two portions per day. Double our regular quantity, for those looking for maximum results and maximum value.

The only Fresh Spirulina available in the UK. Supplied in its purest form, no dehydration, heat treatment or chemical purification. Our product has no hidden ingredients, just 100% fresh spirulina making it suitable for vegans.

This product must be kept frozen.

No contract, No minimum term, Cancel anytime.


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  • Over 70% Protein.
  • All essential Amino Acids.
  • The most Iron dense food product in the world.
  • The best source of Beta Carotene.
  • An amazing natural source of vitamins A, E, C, K, B1, B2, B3, B6.
  • Unlike its powder counterpart, it can be spread on other food, added to smoothies or drank with fruit juice.
  • An excellent source of essential acids like GLA.
  • Rich in essential trace minerals such as Manganese which plays a very important role in body function.

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Monthly (62 Servings) Save 27%, Bi-monthly (124 Servings) Save 30%

Serving Size

40g (2 x 20g)




Automatically Delivered Every Four Weeks


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