Pull your life back together

January 15, 2021 no comments Paul Categories Latest News

In our not so distant past, the challenges we faced were quite different from the ones we deal with today. Not even one generation back, times certainly seemed much harder and yet in terms of simplicity, they offered something that we can only dream about today.

Nowadays you’ll find people struggling to manage all the many demands of their career, home, and family life, leaving little opportunity for rediscovering simple treasures. Our lives seem to offer little in the way of harmony and balance. Separated into distinct parts with distinct functions that don’t fit together very well, our everyday world makes less and less sense. We go to the laptop and (home) office for work, the gym for exercise, (now replaced with jogging due to covid), abroad for holidays, the lounge and TV for family time and perhaps weather permitting we might venture into the garden, or for a family walk on occasion.

Our health and wellbeing are seen as yet another separate puzzle piece to take care of, with on-line classes in mindfulness or yoga, a peaceful bath once a month, and the occasional detox plan.

Everything we try to do to improve our lives just seems to involve adding MORE to the ever-growing mountain made up of fragments of overwhelm and stress.

But it needn’t be this way….we just need to be a bit more pro-active and weave our lives back into some kind of complementary harmony.

Our on-line yoga class could be replaced with a family yoga class, that’s sure to set off a family-sized giggle (or whining) session. We can combine work with a workout, using a stand-up desk or replace our (comfy) seat with an (annoying) fitness ball, substituting our tea break with an energetic round of star jumps, or if you’re really mean, some burpees…..I mean you’re not in the office right? so who’s going to see you!! You can even turn your microphone and camera off during a meeting to indulge in your new-found exercise addiction.

It doesn’t take much to begin making your life work better for you. Finding greater synergy and efficiency to weave the parts of your life back together is not as complicated as it looks, it just takes a bit of imagination and a little spark of enthusiasm.

If you’re not feeling so motivated or enthusiastic right now, get yourself in front of one of those really emotive, loud, and heavy motivational videos that tell you how amazing you could be if you just tried a little harder. The shame you’ll feel watching these super motivated people make their lives better will surely kick you into gear.

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The moral of our story….Pull your life back together, buy some of our Spirulina.