Our spirulina is grown, harvested and frozen by AlgaeMor.Co. without the incredible work they are doing none of this would be possible. But why bother with a fresh product when you can get the dry powders and tablets in most convenience stores.

Spirulina has always been marketed as a dry product. The spirulina powders often have problematic organoleptic properties (taste and smell) mostly that of a fishy / pond smell with an unpleasant chemical aftertaste. Later the powder became pills or capsules to cover up the sensory issues, which did not suit everyone.

AlaeMor developed a unique process and the first of its kind to break through the promotion and commercialization of Spirulina as a frozen product. The most obvious advantage of using fresh over dry ingredients is the delicate taste, which some compare to a nutty avocado. When added in drinks and food prep in most cases is unrecognisable. Unlike powders which can be grainy and most definitely recognisable to taste.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the fresh Spirulina is frozen and not exposed to heat processing which can strongly affect compounds, such as vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Laboratory tests show that these components are destroyed at 30% -90% during processing and drying, almost completely disintegrate after storage of only 90 days at room temperature and exposed to oxidation (for dried products is valid for 5 years).

Another consideration in the transition of food producers and marketers to fresh products is the increase in consumer awareness and the demand for consumption of natural which are not aggressively processed and have a low environmental impact.


AlaeMor’s pioneering process emphasizes the quality and safety of food throughout the process. From the level of the best raw materials and high water quality, through the conditions of sanitation and monitoring of the cultures and growth in the greenhouses, the methods of concentration and separation from the water using low shear forces to preserve the integrity of the cells and strict adherence to the product throughout the entire logistics chain.

The company works according to the strict safety regulations of HACCP and ISO9001 / 2015. The only company in Israel working together with the National Food Service of the Ministry of Health to regulate the issue of the production of local spirulina in a wide and amended manner.

All of AlgaeMor’s products are tested on a daily basis at the company’s laboratories and are sent to certified external laboratories of the Ministry of Health, where the product is tested for the contents of heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbiological activity. At the same time, the production infrastructure undergoes regular sanitary tests. In addition, all of our products carry the quality and safety character of “Lab Road” and they are the only ones in the world who have undergone a taxonomic identification of the tumour cultures and have received official confirmation of the culture clean-up from the research laboratories of Ben-Gurion University, as required.

In laboratory tests with similar products, our products were found to be significantly superior in terms of consistency of dietary composition, solids content (up to 2 times the dry weight of spirulina in the product compared with competitors), protein content and amino acid profile, essential fatty acid content and their ratio to total Fatty acids, antioxidant content, microbiological cleaning and process sanitation levels, sodium levels (up to 2.5 times less than competitors), cleanliness of cultures, cell integrity, and more.

Our Spirulina was approved by the Chief Rabbinate and by Badatz Yerushalayim of the Eda Charedit.