Welcome to Pure foods

July 7, 2018 no comments Michael Categories Latest News

Hi, I’m Michael the owner of pure foods and to start this, our first blog, I wanted to tell you why this company exists and why I believe in our product range so strongly. I’ve always had a love and passion for fresh and exciting new produce. Working for my family’s business allowed me to travel the world to explore exactly that.

After being introduced to many people in the industry, I met a very experienced entrepreneur looking to bring new produce to the UK. He told me that he is the first and only person to grow fresh spirulina, one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world. He added that as it is fresh, it is many times more beneficial than the popular dried spirulina.

I left with the idea that not only could I bring spirulina to the UK, but also a range of fresh produce that ultimately was far superior than dry supplements. Over a year ago now, that’s exactly what I did. Pure Foods Fresh now sells 2 of the most nutritionally fresh (frozen) products in the world with 2 more, Pure Foods Fresh exclusive products on their way.

Welcome to the Pure foods Family.